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1 cup of sugar (I used caster sugar)
2 tablespoons of honey
2 tablespoons of golden syrup
1 tablespoon of baking powder (in the version like a violet crumble)
1 tablespoon of bicarbonate soda (in the version like a crunchie bar)
Chocolate to melt (I used cadbury)

To make each of the honeycombs like a violet crumble:

For the first version, stir over a medium heat until the mixture becomes creamy. When you see the bubbles start to form you want to simmer (not boil) this for 4-5 mins. Then add in the baking powder, stir until mixed through and pour straight into your tray, smoothing it down slightly.

To make honeycomb like a crunchie bar:

For this version you want to stir until creamy as in the first version. Once you have simmered for a few minutes, turn up the heat slightly to bring to the boil for 1-2 mins then add in the bicarbonate soda. Mix well and take off the heat. This is the one that will puff up quite dramatically so make sure you have a large pan! Pour into your tray but do not smooth down, you want this one light, fluffy and airy!

* WARNING * This will make a bit of a mess of your pot. Make sure you fill it straight away in boiling hot water with some detergent and let it soak.

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